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My first. My Pet’s first.

For his birthday. My gift to him. I’d never had an orgy, much less planned one, but I put my organization skills to the task and pulled it off. Here’s how I did it.

The Players:

Me, W (obviously, LOL!) – OrganizerPet, M – Guest of Honor/Birthday boy, bi

M1 – Black friend/stud, Straight-ishM2 – Geeky friend with big cock, bi

W1 – Friend, sweet, cute, mostly lesbianW2 – Friend, hot, sexy, dominant, mostly lesbian, somewhat flexibleW3 – Friend, beautiful, biW4 – Friend, beautiful, submissive, bi (the girl I’ve played with and dirty talked through mental orgasms)W5 – Young lady, sweet, beautiful, bi

6 women, all somewhat flexible. 3 men, two flexible, the other flexible-ish.

That was a VERY good combination, and allowed for many different types of play.

The Set-Up:

I emailed everyone, asking for:

Name (or nickname)/how they want to be introduced.What gender do they feel comfortable being approached by, sexually: men/women/bothPersonal limitsSafety preferencesSTD test results (if they wanted to share)Additional notes

I made sure they all got back to me by 15 days before the event. I collected the info, and forwarded it, to introduce everyone, and give them links to our kinky profiles, so they could get to know each other better.

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