Love me, love my passions.

How can you love someone and not love that they love [fill in the blank]? I really don’t get it. Because, to me, part of loving someone is getting Uber-geeked about the things they love. Not that I love those things myself. I’m no fucking saint. But I love that

KinkIn15: Luscious

The word of the week is “luscious”. To participate, create a 15-word story with the word of the week and share it. I can’t wait to see your creativity! smiles Barely warmer than skin, trickling slowly down your chest.I greedily lick the chocolate up.

A good relationship is easy.

I want to say that, because so many people say a relationship is hard work. I disagree, at least for me. I mean, it can contain some work. A lot of it, really. Most of it self-work (because as I said earlier this week, you can’t change others). But the

Sometimes (most of the time, actually) it IS all about you.

Right now it is. I’m writing to YOU. Sure, sometimes I write about me and my experiences. I try to make that clear, by saying “me” and “I” a lot. Sometimes, I write about others and their shitty behavior, but even then, I’m not writing to them. I’m writing to

What are your “true colors?”

Someone commented on one of my writings and said: I’ve always been confused by the fact that people say they’ve seen your true colours when you’ve had an angry reaction.We’re all human and capable of a wide spectrum of human emotion. Why is anger always seen as our “true colour”?

Be willing to be awful at things.

I said in a writing recently, “I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think I’m built for that.” Someone replied that they didn’t like the way it’s phrased, because it sounded like it meant that I was speaking of being built for less (than what I was referring to), even

When they have a sex drive—just not with you…

Ah! I hate this. Been there, done that, got the shitty self-image and broken heart to go with it. Someone wrote to me, and asked: How do I learn to initiate sex with and turn on my partner? We started hot and raw in the beginning, and now it’s…meh. I’ve

Boundaries: Sexual

In my past writing on boundaries about two weeks ago, I introduced the six primary types of boundaries: Physical Boundaries Intellectual Boundaries Emotional Boundaries Sexual Boundaries Material Boundaries Time Boundaries I focused on material boundaries and in the comments, someone said: “It was sad that personal boundaries get neglected or

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