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Welcome to the goodies! ALL the things that we do and offer, here, in one place. Or, well, most of them. I mean, it’s growing fast, so I’ll do my best to keep up.

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Books for PLUS Members

Dating Kinky, The book, various formats.

Dating Kinky books are published online and available in a variety of formats: PDF, ePub and Mobi. Our books are sold individually across the web—probably at your favorite bookseller—and as part of our PLUS membership here at Dating Kinky.

Dating Kinky Presents:

October 2018

January 2020

February 2020

March 2020

Understand Me—Now! (And that's an order.)

April 2020

May 2020

It's Not Cheating, It's ethical/consensual nonmonogamy.

Coming June 2020

The Sagacious Submissive

Coming July 2020

Dating for the Single Submissive

Coming July 2020

Other Books

March 2020

March 2020

Webinar Series: Dating Kinky Live (On-Demand, available to all visitors)

COVID 19 + Kink (a Four Part Series): episodes hosted by Bad Kitty, HiThereCatsuit/Switchy_Kat, NookieNotes, & Dr. Liz Powell

Protecting Your Kink Identity (a Three Part Series): hosted by Vir Cotto

Keeping Secrets, a monthly webinar series by Vir Cotto (debuted in November 2020)

Webinar Monthly Series: Dating Kinky Live (On-Demand, PLUS Membership required)

We are in the process of creating better on-demand replay pages and communities for our shows.

On-Demand shows are posted as video and audio formats, with chat transcripts when possible.

Newbies Night Monthly Community & Replays (debuted in February 2020)

The Distinction of Deviation: POCs in Kink and Their Allies Monthly, (debuted in February 2020)

Life in Submission: Community & Replays (debuted in February 2020)

FemDom Fridays Community & Replays (debuted in April 2020)

Non-Monogamunch Community & Replays (debuted in April 2020)

Speaking Kinkly Community & Replays (debuted in April 2020)

My Body, My Soul (Consent) Community & Replays (debuted in May 2020)

Kinky Book Club Community & Replays (debuted in July 2020)

Knotty Time Community & Replays (debuted in July 2020)

Flipping the Switch Community & Replays (debuted in July 2020)

Head Over Heels Community & Replays (debuted in July 2020)

The Many Faces of Kink Community & Replays (debuted in August 2020)

LGBTQ+ Salon Community & Replays (debuted in February 2021)

Untangled Community & Replays (debuted in April 2021)

Webinar Miscellaneous Episodes

Hitting The A-Spot: Analgasms for Everyone

The F*ckit List: Kinky Goal Setting for 2020 (Two webinars, UK/EU and US versions)

What Does Kink Mean To Me? A panel with Apple, Lady Grace, Nookie & Piandao

Red Flags, Green Flags: A Kinky Dating Debate

Write Smut to Share Your Desires: hosted by Dr. Jane Boon (debuted in May 2020)

Failure Isn’t an Option, It’s a Requirement: hosted by JustRob & presented by C_A_K_E (debuted in July 2020)

What’s in Your Kinky Toolbox?, presented by Lady Petra & Saffer Master (debuted in December 2020)

No O’, No Mo’; a Discussion of Pleasure, presented by Nookie! (debuted in December 2020)

Finding Your YOU, presented by Nookie! (debuted in December 2020)

Webinar Series: It’s Not Cheating, It’s Ethical and Consensual Nonmonogamy (June 2020)


Webinar 1: Nonmono Breakfast

Webinar 2: My Poly Spans the World

Webinar 3: Dissecting the Umbrella

Webinar 4: What is amatonormativity and why is it important?

Webinar 5: Mono/Poly: it’s not a hopeless train wreck!

Webinar 6: Love Off Script – Consent-based Relationship Anarchy and the personal as political

Webinar 7: Declutter Your Dating Life


Webinar 1: Finding Your Way in Nonmonogamy

Webinar 2: The Intersection of Race and Polyamory

Webinar 3: Multiple people + multiple communication styles

Webinar 4: What’s wrong with “swinging”?

Webinar 5: Cuck YOU! Cucking and how it works

Webinar 6: Poly and Kink and the Space Between

Bonus Webinars:

Webinar 1: Venus Cuckoldress & Nookie Compare & Contrast Cuckolding and Other Forms of Nonmonogamy

Webinar 2: Jealousy? Understanding The Intersection Between I Love You and Fuck Off!

Online Classes

We are updating our online class list and how they are presented. Keep an eye out. *smiles*

Learn To Love Anal: Learn to experience the ultimate in anal pleasure—without the pain.

Meet The Kinksters: Learn about kinks and the people that do them—a new episode every week! (This class has been stalled a bit, thanks to COVID-19. We are working on getting new episodes in place.)

Alpha Submissive: Yield Your Strength

Webinar Special Event: International Kinky Women’s Day

Webinar 1: Domme Breakfast

Webinar 2: Art of Care

Webinar 3: Body Confidence

Webinar 4: Sensation-al Play

Webinar 5: Accessing Pleasure, Unlocking Shame

Webinar 6: Non-Women Supporting Women

Webinar 7: The Dance

Webinar 8: Sluts, Trollops & Tramps

Webinar 9: Female Dominants