No Judgment

No Judgment

Looking for sexual encounters? Awesome! Good onya. We don’t judge you, and you can make it clear on your profile. Looking for more? We have LOTS of options:

  • Online Only
  • Online / Cyber
  • Friendship
  • Play Partners
  • Mentor / Protege Relationship
  • 24/7
  • Marriage
  • Romance
  • Long-Term
  • Dating
  • Swinging
  • Sex

We Are Kinky!

Our owner, Nookie, has been a kinkster for 25+ years (and was raised by swinky folk). She’s an active part of the community, travels and teaches nationally and internationally, publishes books on kink topics, and writes regularly.

We “hire kinky” whenever possible, and we support the community by lifting other voices, promoting small businesses, and creating a space for kinksters of ALL persuasions.

We Are Ethically Non-Monogamous

We’re also monogamy-friendly. Choose from 9 options for identifying and matching:

  • Monogamous
  • Monogamous Sexually
  • Ethically Non-Monogamous
  • Polyamorous
  • Closed Group/Family / Family
  • Swinger
  • Open
  • Discreet
  • None of the Above / Ask Me

We’re STI/STD Friendly & Aware.

Be clear about your safety choices or status (IF YOU WANT).

  • I use condoms/protection for intercourse
  • I use condoms/protection for oral
  • I accept papers for fluid bonding/bareback
  • I am currently fluid bonded with at least one person
  • I use condoms/protection on toys
  • I have currently tested negative and I have papers I’m willing to share
  • I am HSV1 positive

And more…