Yield Your Strength: Living And Loving As An Alpha Submissive

“You’re not submissive!”

If you’re an alpha submissive, you’ve heard this enough times that you may even be starting to believe them. After all, you’re no doormat, you have standards, and damn it, you know how to run the show.

You just don’t want to.

The Alpha Submissive Class Description:

You know you are submissive. And yet, you are a strong, take-charge kind of guy or girl, which makes some dominants complain of topping-from-the bottom, or claim that you’re not submissive at all. How do you find your submission and yield, when the time is truly right?

2 Replies to “Yield Your Strength: Living And Loving As An Alpha Submissive”

    1. I teach these classes at different events and for groups around the country/world.

      I travel quite a lot.

      That said, I’ve been considering offering them as online classes as well. I’ve done that in the past, and it’s worked well.

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