We Care—No, Really!

We Care—No, Really!

EVERYTHING on Dating Kinky can be reported. Photos, writings, discussions, comments and more? Of course!

And you know what? We take action on every report:

  • Offensive
  • Hate Speech
  • Illegal
  • Copyright
  • Pro
  • Spammer/Scammer
  • Off-Topic/Wrong Tags
  • Harassment

We Protect Your Photos

Not only is right-click copying or download disabled, but we also put a faint watermark on the photos you upload with us, so if someone does manage to get a copy to use on other sites, it’s obvious they aren’t the original.

No Fake/Filler Accounts

Real kinksters only, verified by email (not shown to other users, and protected in an encrypted databse).

We investigate reports EVERY TIME.

We don’t allow multiple accounts, and we remove obvious bots and spammers.

Accounts with “dead” emails get disabled.

Visual Consent

Images are marked as “explicit” or non. Explicit photos include nudity or implied nudity.

YOU choose whether you want to see an explicit photo (one at a time), or all explicit photos on the site. No more non-consensual junk in your face!