Fabulous Online Introductions

Hi! there. For the purposes of Dating Kinky discussions, online classes and books, let’s create introductions that tell others a bit more about ourselves, because, after all, Dating Kinky IS about connecting us with other kinksters!

So, here’s what I recommend (everything is optional, really—including introducing yourself at all—this is about you!).

Your Name. Whatever you’ve chosen for this site. This can be your member name on DK, or a call name. Like ‘Krazy4Kink’ or ‘Mike.’

Your Age. If you’re looking to connect with people, sometimes age can help. Sometimes it just gets in the way.

Your Gender. On Dating Kinky, we primarily use:

  • Man, M
  • Woman, W
  • Trans Man, TM
  • Trans Woman, TW
  • Gender Fluid, GF
  • Genderqueer, GQ
  • Non-Binary, NB/Enbie
  • Agender, A
  • Ask Me, Ask

You may use these or other gender identifiers.

Your Pronouns. On DK, we most commonly use He/His, She/Hers, They/Theirs, and Ask Me (in profiles). You may use these or other pronouns.

Your Kink Role(s) or Identity. Some of you will know this perfectly. If you’re unsure, then feel free to say, “Unsure.”

A bit about you, and why you’re taking the class/reading the book/discussing the things.

For example, here’s a sample from me:

Nookie, 45, Woman, She/Hers
I’m a Dominant Switch, Cuckoldress, and Kinkster.
I’m here to teach this class, because, well, I love helping kinksters connect with each other, and I’m looking forward to having all of you. *smiles*