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A UK-based gathering for all those rope-curious and rope enthusiastic folks out there, hosted by Growly.

Growly will guide you through some rope bondage and shibari basics in this virtual peer rope session. Learn some simple ties, which you can practice alone or with a partner, ask questions and talk through the wonderful world of rope! If you’d like to tie along with any of the demonstrations wear some clothes you can move in and bring along some rope!

We’ll cover some basic terminology, common courtesies and protocols, and what to keep an eye out for to be safe.

Every FIRST Tuesday.


Growly (He/His)

Growly is a UK based rope bondage rigger, artist and teacher.

Growly’s style focuses on a two way connection between top and bottom, with communication a key element to developing effective partnerships in order to create successful rope experiences.

An engineering background has led him to favour functional, minimal styles: where every movement has meaning and purpose.

Growly’s Girl has been tying herself up for 17 years and allowing other people to tie her up since she was legally allowed to do so. She is an experienced rope model with a focus on bottom empowerment and communication.

She is passionate about amplifying the voice and value of rope bottoms of all shapes, sizes and abilities. They have been partnering together, running workshops and doing performances together, since 2017.

Workshops aim to cultivate LGBTQ*, poly & kink-friendly, explicit-consent aware environments, following a code of conduct ( )

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Upcoming Events:

04 Jan 2022
04 Jan 2022

Growly’s Girl Top 5 Favorite Ties!

There is a lot of focus on the rope top in educating, so to kick off 2022, we’re be asking Growly’s Girl what her 5 five favorite ties are and why. Growly, being the accomodating top will show you how to tie those ties, give comments on the top’s perspective, and note any danger points to watch out for.

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01 Feb 2022
01 Feb 2022

Takate-kote: All About the TK, or box-tie

If you’ve taken even one rope class, you’ve probably been exposed to the TK. It’s a popular tie as it forms the basis of the traditional look. Flattering the human form, while providing good restraint possibilities. We’ll walk step-by-step through the tie, talk about variations, mindset, and safety points as well. *smiles*

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01 Mar 2022
01 Mar 2022

Active Bottoming

Again, we’re shining the spotlight on the bottom! In this class, we’ll talk about what it takes to be an active rope bottom, including notes on flexibility, understanding pain and signal from your body, giving and taking energy, and more!

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