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I’ve put a lot of work (like A LOT A LOT) into Dating Kinky, and think it has the potential to be the best damn dating site out there for all the ‘not-quite-vanilla’ folk.

I hope you agree, and that you want to help spread the word to your favorite amazing people.

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I’ve just joined the BEST DAMN kinky dating site! Come find me there: http://datingkinky.com (click to edit and then post on Twitter)

I’m a member of Dating Kinky, a dating site that’s by kinksters for kinksters, are you? http://datingkinky.com (click to edit and then post on Twitter)

Or, express yourself your own way, tagging @DatingKinky, retweeting, saying nice things about us—anything!

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I try to post most days. Between fun memes, facts and quotes, sexy holidays and writings about relationships and the lifestyle, we have a lot of content.

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Please, tell the world. If you’d like to interview me, I’m totally game! Need graphics? I’ll get them for you. Whatever you need, let’s talk!

Reach out to local kinky munch groups and organizations.

Dating Kinky has a program for local clubs and organizations to spread the word, and soon we will actually have localized messages going out to each new member who joins, letting them know what’s available in their area, because I believe that the best ways to find a partner includes local events, FetLife, and a site like Dating Kinky.

We are obviously a new site, and we are focusing on the local events and clubs near our members FIRST.

This is where you come in!

We’d love to include groups near you. We’re happy to post the information for them, or you are welcome to add their (your) information here:

Add A Local Group

I’d love to help get the information on the site, so please do feel free to ask me any questions you have.

If you’re not comfortable reaching out yourself, I’m happy to do it for you, if you know of a group in your area that could use some promotion, just send me a message.

We also offer giveaway items for local events and organizations.

I want to make Dating Kinky the BEST it can be for you, and the best it can be for all who join us.

Thanks for your help!

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