Kinks & Interests FAQs

1. What are K&I, anyway?

K&I, or Kinks & Interests, are a core feature of Dating Kinky.

Essentially, they are like hashtags on social media, fetishes on FetLife, hobbies on Plenty of Fish, or keywords on blogs, all rolled together into one function for Dating Kinky.

K&I are for tagging yourself/your profile with the things you love, kinky or vanilla, or whatever.

They are also for marking your content that you upload to the site, so that it connects with the people that enjoy what you enjoy.

So, that photo of you with the cute kitten ears? Tag that with “pet play,” and “kitten,” and your photos will show up in the feeds of everyone on DK who has added those K&I to their profile.

When you suggest a new K&I and it gets approved, be sure to tell your friends and others who might be interested, so they can add it and see that cool stuff, and possibly create cool stuff of their own.

2. Why was my K&I submission denied?

Oh. Whoops. Sorry! So, we have a few rules in our Community Guidelines that talk about this. Let’s review them:

There was more than one idea or concept: For example, “bdsm submission slave use me” is not a single K&I, so it will be denied. Plus we already have those, so you can just add yourself to the K&I that people are actually using, so you can find each other.

We reserve the right to remove content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, abusive or otherwise objectionable: So, if your K&I might fall into any of these categories, that’s probably your reason right there.

Content that breaks the law or condones or encourages unlawful activity: Some of what we do (a lot, perhaps, depending on where you live) is illegal, technically. For example, in some states, a person cannot consent to assault (being hit).

However, for us, there are a few clear lines. If your K&I relates to anything nonconsensual (like r*pe, ped*philia, or be*stiality), we will deny it.

We are not willing to put any of our members at risk for your interests, even if you have no intention of following through.

Speaking of such, we DO allow things like “Consensual Non-Consent,” “Rape Play,” “Pet Play,” and the like, as these are obviously role-play scenarios.

Since this is a dating site, we also allow “Parenting” as a K&I, but never children. I’m sure if you are parent (or want to be, or just love kids), you’ll thank us… If not, then it shouldn’t matter to you anyhow.

Advertisements for products or services for profit or gain: K&I is NOT where you may promote your for-profit products and services without permission from the Dating Kinky Admin team. Have questions about this? Contact us.

K&I that include contact details such as phone numbers, postal or email addresses: Nope. Not allowed. Why? Well, we are not going to put in the manpower to verify accuracy, and well, without accuracy, that kind of information can be used in malicious ways.

Duplicate K&Is: Your K&I might have been denied just because it’s too similar to another K&I. Did you do a search first? Because it’s better for you if “kitten” and “kittens” are the same tag, so you get to see more of what you want, and others get to see everything you upload as well.

Misspellings: We’ll deny misspelled words, because, well, they’re misspelled, and “kittne” or “kttne” is not going to help you share what you love on Dating Kinky.

We made a mistake: It’s entirely possible we made a mistake. Perhaps we thought your kink interest or club name was a misspelling, or something similar. If you think we made a mistake, please do contact us.

3. Why isn’t my K&I showing?

There are a few reasons this may be happening.

It’s not yet been approved:  K&I on Dating Kinky are passed through moderation before we display them. This is how we are proactive in maintaining our rules and guidelines, while also keeping your information safe.

Safe? By looking at K&I? Yup, because when people post things that are illegal, for example, that can bring unwanted attention into the site, causing everyone stress. We figure you don’t want that and we don’t want that, so we work to protect you.

It’s been denied: See above for reasons. You should get a notification when this happens.

Where are you looking? You’ll get a notification when your K&I suggestion is approved, and a link to go see and add it.

4. When does my K&I get a definition?

Definitions are added by Admins and YOU. Want a definition added? Contact us.

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