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The Kinky Question of the Week is back!
Join Zach Budd and Nookie as we tackle YOUR questions about kink, dating, play, and more.
Zach Budd

Zach Budd (He/His)

Zach is a self-proclaimed nerd, sex geek, and consent junkie. He has been actively kinky and polyamorous for more than ten years.

He is currently working towards a Master’s of Social Work degree at the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work.

Zach lives, works, laughs, and lives in Houston, Texas where he enjoys listening to and playing music, converting from a fat boy to a runner, all things Star Trek, reading, podcasts, gaming, hockey, cooking, bourbon, cigars and being owned and loved by rescue dogs including a spoiled rotten boxer named Jadzia.

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Host, Founder

Nookie (she/hers)

Nookie has been in the kink scene off and on for nearly thirty years.

She is a dominant cuckoldress pimptress who is polyamorous and monoromantic. She is also a hedonist.

She is the author of more than ten books about kink, an educator, and the founder of Dating Kinky.

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We’d LOVE to answer your questions (if we can), or find someone (maybe a bunch of someones…) who can.

KQOTW is our new Kinky Question of The Week feature, where we take a question we’ve been asked and post it anonymously to the community across social media.

We’ll gather responses, and I’ll post some of the best two weeks later, along with some thoughts on the subject from Zach Budd and I. OR, alternatively, we may ask someone else who might have a better answer to step in and give feedback.

So, if you’d like your question to be asked, please let us know.

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