Photo & Media FAQs

1. What’s this moderation thing, anyway?

One of our humans will take a look at your photo to make sure that it’s not explicit (or is, in which case, you can’t use it as an avatar, sorry).

Why do we do this?

Ultimately to protect you and give all of our members the ability to choose which explicit photos (if any) they would like to see. Oh, and apps.

Protection. See number 3, below, for more information on how we keep you safe by moderating images.

Choice. We allow our members to say when (and whose) explicit photos they would like to see, rather than (for example) allowing just anyone with a wise-spread butthole to send messages with that as their avatar.

You’re welcome to upload your wise-spread butthole, of course. Our admins and moderators have consented to such things. Everyone else gets to choose.

Apps. When we put our apps into Google Play and the Apple App Store, it’ll be easier to get our apps approved when we give adults choice and control.

2. Why was my photo denied?

Oh. Whoops. Sorry! So, we have a few rules in our Community Guidelines that talk about this. Let’s review them:

Multi-postings of the same image: Maybe you accidentally hit that button a few times, and instead of one upload, you created seven. We’ll approve one (if it’s appropriate content), and deny the rest.

Bullying, Trolling or Harassment: this includes images with hate speech designed specifically to offend others, for example, anything that is perceived as racist, homophobic, abusive or otherwise objectionable (according to the mods, who are a pretty tolerant bunch). If this is what you posted, well, that’s why it didn’t get approved.

Anything Illegal: This is entirely our moderators’ call. Many of the things we all enjoy here are illegal somewhere, so blue laws don’t specifically hold sway. However, things like non-consent, underage, animals in a sexual atmosphere… not gonna happen. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court.

Speaking of underage: It’s our policy to not allow public photos of children under the age of 18. That’s just our policy. We believe that if you get to know someone and want to share pics of your kids, it should be done privately, not open to everyone on a kink site. If you or your bestie looks very young, that may be why. You’re welcome to appeal, if you can provide proof of age.

Copyright: If you are a super-duper Instagram star, your photos may be denied, because our mods have seen them before, or because they are often used to create sock accounts. If it is you, well, we’re happy to accept proof, and fix that right up. Thank you for understanding—we do this to protect YOUR intellectual property as well.

Photos that include contact details such as phone numbers, postal or email addresses: Nope. Not allowed. Why? Well, we are not going to put in the manpower to verify accuracy, and well, without accuracy, that kind of information can be used in malicious ways.

Explicit content: Actually, we allow this (we are a kinky site, after all), so that’s not an issue. Unless it is explicit AND breaks one of those boundaries up there ^^^.

3. Why isn’t my photo showing?

There are a few reasons this may be happening.

It’s not yet been approved:  Photos on Dating Kinky are passed through moderation before we approve them. This is how we are proactive in maintaining our rules and guidelines, while also keeping your information safe.

Safe? By looking at our photos? Yup, because when people post things that are illegal, for example, that can bring unwanted attention into the site, causing everyone stress. We figure you don’t want that and we don’t want that, so we work to protect you.

It also sometimes allows us to catch on to fake or spam profiles more quickly (when someone signs up from Buffalo, with a photo of an Instagram star in Cyprus, for example).

It’s been denied: See above for reasons. You should get a notification when this happens.

Where are you looking? Your photos should always show in your profile photos once it’s been approved, but in other areas of the site, it will be filtered by content, K&I, popularity, and more.

5. What is that on my photo?

That’s no smudge! That’s the Dating Kinky watermark. We’re not doing that because we are claiming your photos for ourselves, but because a big concern many people had was that their photos would be stolen and used on other sites.

The watermark makes it obvious if someone has stolen a photo from Dating Kinky.

Here’s an example of a watermarked photo:

As you can see, it’s not very bright or intrusive. It’s just barely noticeable. On purpose.

3a. But I don’t want it to harm my original! It doesn’t. That’s all yours. We just copy your photo to our serves, pop on the watermark, and resize it as needed for our site.

4. Why can’t I download my photo?

Ah. We’ve disabled that for Dating Kinky. You can’t download your photo, but neither can anyone else.

That’s another way we protect your privacy and work.

5. What are my privacy options for Photos and Media?

Right now, we offer Public and Private.

Public makes your photo available to anyone signed into Dating Kinky.

Private is for your friends only.

We’re also working on two other options: World and PLUS.

The World setting is all about promotion. So, if you have a photo you love and want to share everywhere on AND off of Dating Kinky, you’ll be able to mark it as for World, and we’ll take a look at it. If it’s not too racy (because each social media channel has it’s own levels of explicit they allow), we’ll post your photo to:

  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Along with basic details about your profile, and a link to your profile on Dating Kinky.

World is not a permanent setting. It’s a renewable 90-day setting.

Why? Because your ongoing consent matters. What if you meet the kinky (and monogamous) boopsie of your dreams, and a year of bliss later, they see your photo being promoted as a single? Or, you get a new job, and prefer that not be circulated anymore, or whatever. So, yeah, only 90 days. And even that permission can be revoked at any time.

PLUS is simply a way of tightening your privacy a bit more AND supporting Dating Kinky.

Simply put, it’s showing your photo ONLY to PLUS members on Dating Kinky, most of which are verified with their payment method as real people.

A few PLUS members helped test the site, received PLUS membership for services to DK, and so on.

This supports and promotes Dating Kinky, because people will want access to as much as possible, and setting your photos to PLUS members may encourage others to join you.

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