We Don’t “Other” You

We Don’t “Other” You

You’re not an “other,” you’re a human who colors outside the lines, chooses the path less taken, is as unique as your fingerprints…

So, pretty much all of our multiple-choice options include “Ask Me” in addition to the more common answers.

Your Pronouns Matter!

And they are part of your profile: She/Hers, He/His, They/Theirs, Ask Me

Gender, Not Sex

We use genders for personal identity, rather than an assigned sex. To us, you are a man or a woman, a Trans Man or a Trans Woman, not female or male.

ALL Genders Welcome!

8 Genders: Man, Woman, Trans Woman, Trans Man, Gender Fluid, Gender Queer, Non-Binary, Agender


Ask Me, because you’re more than a label.