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UPDATE! Dating Kinky Re-Launch Status, April 26, 2018

*deep breath*

Soooooooo excited! 2018 so far has been crazy! Let's see what we've had:

  • Fired most of our team.
  • Thailand trip, then flu took up a month.
  • Assistant has been ill for nearly two months straight (JUST got a clean bill of health!).
  • Main developer quit (then came back).
  • EU Privacy Act going into effect in May.



BETA testers are currently testing the registration and profile building. We've been fixing bugs they find, and they'll soon be testing other features as well.

Everything else is being finalized and released into the BETA version of the re-launch as we go.

I'm hoping (*fingers crossed*) that we'll be live again for everyone in the next two weeks or so.

We have a VERY different site from the original prototype. We're launching in a streamlined fashion, then planning to iterate as we go, with apps to follow about 6-8 weeks behind. We're also not mobile friendly (but will be creating a specific mobile site as well, as soon as the initial push it out the door).

This new site has me so super-geeked, although it may not seem like a huge difference to you, yet, it is. EVERYTHING about how it runs is different, and it won't slow down with more than 100 online at one time!


We've also added phone verification to the registration, to protect everyone and cut down on spammers/scammers.

AND, all content and profiles have "report" features built in, to help you help us knock out the fakes and bad guys quickly.

Of course, that's just a start!

I'll be updating you more as we get closer to re-launch.


If you'd like to be a part of our BETA testing team, just use the contact form below to reach out. We'll get you added, and send instructions your way. *smiles*

Thank you,

The Dating Kinky Team