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Why Dating Kinky?

Hi! Welcome to DatingKinky.com, the new dating and connections site for kinksters, built by a kinkster (NookieNotes) FOR kinksters! So, what’s so great about Dating Kinky? Well, A LOT! And we’re not just bragging here, but we think we’re pretty damn awesome. For example…

  • Nine gender options
  • 40+ kink roles (dom, sub, top, bottom, primal, spanko, kinkster, exploring…)
  • Easy one-click Decline & Block
  • One-on-one chat: text, audio, video
  • Group chat on kink topics
  • And more!

Oh wait… the BIG ONE: Dating Kinky is FREE! *smiles*

Totes free. Yeah. We offer support accounts, with some perks, and appreciate those who help us that way, however, MOST people will never pay a dime. And that’s cool. We love you and want you to find you kinky play/love/sexy times matches whether you pay or not!


Dick Is Cheap

In January, I offered up the debate about which gender has the power, and Grafinya said: “dick is cheap” And she’s right. It is. Now YOUR dick might not be cheap. Hell, none of mine are, since they are all medical grade silicone, and I am pretty choosey about where I put them and who …

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