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Welcome to Dating Kinky! We've just spent a year in beta mode, growing our user base and getting feedback and suggestions from brilliant and friendly kinky folk from all over the world.

Now, we've closed down for a couple weeks as we prepare to launch the NEW Dating Kinky website, iOS and Android apps, with huge improvements based on our user suggestions.

Join today to get access as soon as the new siteand apps are released, and get a FREE month of PLUS membership, and the chance to earn even more access and prizes by helping us spread the word.

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Why Dating Kinky?

HI! Welcome to, the new dating and connections site for kinksters, built by a kinkster (NookieNotes) FOR kinksters! So, what's so great about Dating Kinky? Well, A LOT! And we're not just bragging here, but we think we're pretty damn awesome. For example...

Messages, chatting...

matching, searching. Well, we are a dating site.

POLY friendly

Individual AND couple/family profiles. Relationship status and relationship styles, including poly, open, swinger, etc.

D/s, BDSM and kink roles

are searchable.

Privacy & Security

Download-disabled photos and watermarks, easy reporting of scam profiles.

And more...

Super gender friendly.

Multiple genders to choose from, and preferred pronouns.

Easy decline and block in one click!

We send a nice message — no fuss, no nasty replies.

Oh wait... the BIG ONE: Dating Kinky is FREE! *smiles*

Totes free. Yeah. We offer support accounts, with some perks, and appreciate those who help us that way, however, MOST people will never pay a dime. And that's cool. We love you and want you to find you kinky play/love/sexy times matches whether you pay or not!

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