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Why Dating Kinky?

Hi! Welcome to DatingKinky.com, the new dating and connections site for kinksters, built by a kinkster (NookieNotes) FOR kinksters! So, what’s so great about Dating Kinky? Well, A LOT! And we’re not just bragging here, but we think we’re pretty damn awesome. For example…

  • Nine gender options
  • 40+ kink roles (dom, sub, top, bottom, primal, spanko, kinkster, exploring…)
  • Easy one-click Decline & Block
  • One-on-one chat: text, audio, video
  • Group chat on kink topics
  • And more!

Oh wait… the BIG ONE: Dating Kinky is FREE! *smiles*

Totes free. Yeah. We offer support accounts, with some perks, and appreciate those who help us that way, however, MOST people will never pay a dime. And that’s cool. We love you and want you to find you kinky play/love/sexy times matches whether you pay or not!


I Teach That Communication Is Not The Words You Say, But Every Action, Every Moment Until The End of Time

Back in April, I wrote That ONE Thing You Didn’t Do, which sparked some good debate from both sides, in agreement and against. After all, who hasn’t known the pain of giving something that was not at all appreciated, and who hasn’t also had people give them things they didn’t want, and say they were …

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