Do you trust you?

Do you trust you?

I’ll scream it until I’m blue in the face 😱:

You have to be able to trust yourself.
To show up for yourself.
To listen to yourself.

How many times have you thought something and dismissed it, only to end up thinking, UGH, I should’ve listened to myself?

I’ve done it more than I’d like to admit. Less over the past few years, though. Because I’ve learned to LISTEN to me.

  • No matter how much I’m telling me things I don’t want to hear.
  • No matter how much I want to believe the better of someone.
  • No matter how much “sense” that person is making with their snark.
  • No matter how much my loins tingle (you KNOW what I mean).

Truth is, the person with your best interest at heart, the person who knows you best, is (no surprise) YOU.

Sure, sometimes someone will hand you an insight you didn’t have about you, and it’ll be like a fucking bomb went off and the sun shone on your face, and a gawddam magical unicorn galloped majestically up and touched you ever so gently with their magical horn and it felt like home.

They STILL don’t know you better than you, but that’s a valuable insight, and you recognized it and get to keep it now. (Remember to say “Thank you!”)

The sooner we learn to listen to and trust ourselves, the easier and more enjoyable life gets.

What are your thoughts?

When’s a time you should’ve trusted your gut but didn’t… or a time you listened to your gut and it paid off?

Are you listening to yourself?

And if you DON’T trust yourself, what steps could you take to start building that trust back up?

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