Are You A “MORE” Person?

Are You A “MORE” Person?


This morning, Pet and I had each other for breakfast.

It was delicious.


I digress. Damn. So distracting.

Anyway, we often spend some time together in the mornings, especially after date night with others, including bulls.

This morning, as he buried himself between my thighs, I talked dirty to him. Well, I talked “me” to him. That just happens to qualify as dirty to most, I’d guess.

Anyway, I told him what an amazing lover he is, how he pleases me so fucking well, and then I told him, “Give me more.”

“I want to feel your worship.

Feel your desire.

I need your need.

Give it to me.

Show me the cunt that owns you everything you have.

Give it all to me.

All that you’ve got.

Pour your love, your desire, your need into me.

Make me sing.


Yes, that’s it! Fuck…”

I coaxed it all out of him. Made him give me everything. And I got it. And it felt So. Damn. Good.

And now he’s at work, and I looked at my writing calender, and the proposed topic is “Are You A ‘MORE’ Person?” It includes a link to this amazing writing by @WhyTrustTomHanks on FetLife:

Loving demand. (You’ll need to login to FetLife to read it.)

Asking for more can seem like an accusation that you are not giving enough, but when done in a loving way by a partner you trust, it can be an encouragement to grow, to stretch, to BE more.

That article made me think.

And made me realize that is part of what I get from kink and D/s: MORE.

It’s what, to me, marks success. More.

He says, “I adore you.”

I say, “More.”

He says “So fucking hard.”

I say, “More harder.”


I’m not trying to trip him up, make demands, or to one up him. More, to mean means I ask for more, and I give more in return.

More than he’s ever given. More than he’s ever received.

If I can inspire him to feel that, I call my relationship a success.

My name is Nookie. I am a “MORE” person.

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