It’s National Shower Together Day!

It’s National Shower Together Day!

Like you need that excuse, right?

Or, maybe you do. For some of us who REALLY love a good soaking in the shower, showering with someone else can be a bit…frustrating. After all, one of you is going to be drier and colder while the other one hogs are that delicious warm wetness.

But I’m being uncharitable. LOL!

I actually enjoy showering together as an act of affection.

Not so much as a way to get clean (unless it’s a lead-in to other sexy things) and also not so much as sexy times on it’s own (footing, potential for slipping, water is not lube, and etc.)

That said, showering together is intimate, and loving. Especially when you pay attention and wash each other’s bodies, maybe even shampoo each other.

It also doesn’t really cost much, so it’s nice date night idea. Maybe shower together, slip into some comfy PJs (or nothing!) and watch a sexy/romantic (however you define that) curled up together?

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