Yes, they really DO know the difference.

Recently I wrote about those people who message others on kinky/dating/other sites, and instead of introducing themselves, start with something a bit more…advanced: “Hi, can we be friends?”“Hi, could I be your slave?”“Hello, do you need someone to worship you?”“I will lick you head to toe.” And a favorite I

“The world doesn’t work like that…”

It’s an easy trap to fall into. I caught myself thinking it this morning. It was about someone who mentioned offhand that they were on 213 Discord servers, and nearly made my head explode. 213!?!? OMFG! And in my mind, I thought (in no particular order): “That’s not possible.” “They

“Hi There! My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you.”

“What is, ‘Hi, can we be friends?’”“What is, ‘Hi, could I be your slave?’”“What is, ‘Hello, do you need someone to worship you?’”“What is, ‘I will lick you head to toe.’” “I’ll take ‘Things only dogs can successfully say to strangers,’ for 500, Alex.” (Prefer to listen to the podcast?

CelestialOrbit: Will I take orbit around you?

We totally ❤️ our members, and we want to pimp you out! That means featuring you on our blog and social media. Today, we are featuring and loving on CelestialOrbit! I’m a shy, introverted, cross-dressing, submissive (switch in the making) little/middle looking to learn, grow, make friendships, find play partners,

Do you put yourself first?

Maybe it feels a little out-of-character (or a lot out of character) to put yourself first. Especially if you grew up trying to anticipate everyone else’s needs or wants, act a certain way, wear this, don’t say this, on and on. Maybe because you’re a pleaser. Maybe you were socialized

Who could use a day off? 🙋🏻‍♀️ 🙋🏼 🙋🏾‍♀️

If I’m going to be totally honest, I took one yesterday. smiles (Not really, though. I still did about an hour of work.) And I’m on my vacation. My once-a-year vacation. I’m not very good at taking time off. Especially not now, when we are finishing a last round of

What are the CO$T$ of dating? 💰💰💰

In the corporate world, we have costs of doing business. Not just the cost of whatever we produce, but the costs of everything: The salaries and benefits to each employee, the freelancer payments, the marketing, the computers and electronics, the raw goods and materials, the waste, the space to do

Coming Soon! DK Mobile Apps!

What a week. I’m writing this today from a friend’s home. My partner and I were evacuated from our home yesterday, thanks to a mold issue. Right in the middle of some pretty intense public testing for Dating Kinky’s new Android App. That was fun and interesting, LOL! Even with

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