A prayer for your love…

A prayer for your love…

“i pray you attract lovers romantic and platonic that never aim to manipulate or harm you, that never embarrass you, make you question your sanity, or abandon you when you need someone to hold your hand.” —@ichriecheblut, on twitter

This inspired me for this Friday’s bit of sappery.

I wish for you to attract the lovers you want and need in your life.

I hope for you to find people who revel in who you are and inspire you with who they are.

I want love for you, a love that encompasses every one of your flaws.

I pray for you to have the validation you deserve—you ARE just right.

I wish amazing kink and sex and physical gratification and touch as you desire upon you.

I desire for you to have support and caring, and sometimes—sometimes—tough love to help you overcome and grow.

I imagine for friends for you who tell you amazing things about yourself, enough to make you believe them.

I wish for you to find all of these people—these lovers, these friends, these passing strangers in your life, and mostly…

I wish for all of them to also be you.

Not sure where this came from, except from the heart today.

I wish all of this for all of you.

Happy Friday.

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