Before you speak, THINK.

Before you speak, THINK.

Many people talk about the kink community as more accepting than other communities.

Maybe they are right.

But “more” is a nebulous term. Perhaps the kinky community is 3% more accepting than the general public overall, because like any large group, we are more varied than a single interest joining us.

And that acceptance is usually reserved for the people most like us within the community, just like in every other community, ever.

And thus, there is still a lot of humans being humans all up in here.

Drama, gossip, backstabbing and more.

And I admit, I’ve done my share. Sometimes I still get sucked in. I’m as human as the next person.

I think that it’s important to remember that.

We MAY be more accepting than your average bears. I would guess that I am by a pretty high percentage.

And yet, there are still think I absolutely don’t accept.

Which is OK.

Everyone’s gonna judge. That’s what humans do.

However, we don’t necessarily need to talk about it.

And that’s where this reminder comes in handy. In relationships or in the community in general, it’s worth putting a bit of thought into what we say and how we say it.

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