“Well, How Would You Modify Me?”

“Well, How Would You Modify Me?”

A piece of marble, partially sculpted, with a very detailed foot already completed.

(from a stranger online)

Oh, I don’t really think like that.

And it doesn’t work that way.

That’s like asking a sculptor, “What would you do with a block of marble you’ve never seen or touched?”

The raw material (person) tells you what they are longing to be, and the sculptor and I just release that.

It’s a process of getting to know another, finding their highest aspirations, their deepest desires, and using both to fulfill them in ways they never dreamed possible.

Sure, it’s POSSIBLE to completely change someone. And I know there are people who get off on the idea.

Not me.

I think it’s a flawed perspective, and way more effort than I’m willing to put it.

I prefer to choose the most amazing people I can, and then help them grow to be even more.

Not only is this very powerful to me, but I also get the amazing benefit of having them in my life.

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