The Problem With “Women Don’t Want Sex As Much As Men”

The Problem With “Women Don’t Want Sex As Much As Men”

Men Vs. Women In Bed

Someone said in a conversation I’m in:

Those sort of atitudes, still alive in the 21st century, create a wall of misunderstanding and distrust that every man has to negotiate… <snipped>

And every woman.

Ever been in an argument, and had your partner tell you “I didn’t do X because you would do Y, and I didn’t want that,” and you were standing there wondering who the hell they think you are, because that was NOT your reaction?

This is what it means to be a woman being told that we want sex less than men, and therefore, we are treated a particular way.

Just yesterday, I was told that I don’t want sex, because I turned a man down because he was not attractive to me. I was told I do not want sex, because I would not accept it from a man who sent me a cock shot. I do not want sex because I would not consider a man whose main line was “hi bae”.

In these, I was called a dry, shriveled old cunt, a faker, a phony, a tease getting her rocks off…


When you treat a woman who actually wants sex this way, because of your personal beliefs (who WOULDN’T want all that—gesturing at you), you are creating a reality for yourself, then passing that onto others like a virus, and making it that much more difficult for women to GET sex when they want it.

And more difficult for men as well, because hey, we put it out there, and we get crap like that. Better to go back to our sexy romance books and erotica. At least with those and BOB we are never left orgasmless with a bruised ego or heart…

And, believing that women don’t want sex from men…

Makes men behave in ways that, frankly, turn women off. They barter with things they think we want (usually material goods, dinners, etc.), thinking if they just put enough $$$ into the vending machine of sex, they will eventually get the payoff, forcing us to run straight into the arms of an asshole who KNOWS women want it, and will give us the good dick, until we can’t stand him anymore.


Of course, I’m generalizing. I’ve seen scenarios like this happen over and over…

She doesn’t like sex, she just likes men who treat her like shit.

Oh yeah… THAT’S what she’s after. Duh.

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