Don’t do it in the streets

Don’t do it in the streets

Indeed, don’t frighten the horses! But what about people? Specifically other people who can’t consent to…whatever?

Where is the line between civil liberties, and what might be best kept behind closed doors?

Watch the video!

For me, this is an easy one: If it’s something that the AVERAGE person would/could do without much more than a remark, raised eyebrow, or “Oh, my,” then I’d probably feel comfortable doing it.

Like me as a cis woman kissing a gender visually read as other than masculine. If I can kiss a masculine-presenting person without any issues in that situation, I would feel comfortable kissing a non-masculine presenting person without a ding to my ethics.

Same as me as a white woman kissing any person that presents as non-white. If I can do it one way, I can do it another.

However, if it’s something that is generally specific to certain atmospheres (like bikinis at the beach versus in downtown Bus City, USA), offensive to the vast majority of people no matter who is doing it (shagging in public), or is considered extreme or kinky play (like walking someone on a lease when it’s not Halloween or doing “cuttings), then I would personally keep it private or within a venue open to that.

That’s my line of ethical demarcation. What’s yours?

“It doesn’t matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.” —Mrs. Patrick Campbell

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