Fuck Yeah! Romantic Nonsense!

Fuck Yeah! Romantic Nonsense!

I posted this:

A little over a year ago here and on the Dating Kinky Facebook page.

I got this comment:

No one “completes” anyone. We are perfect all by ourselves. Romantic nonsense! Oh, and “chooses”, not “choses”.

(They were right. I made a typo. I fixed it and left the original up, because we already had comments and engagement, and I don’t personally feel it’s right to erase the effort other put in. Better to just cop to my error.)

But as far as “romantic nonsense” goes, I like romantic nonsense.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

I love love.

I love being in love, seeing others in love, reading about love… hell, I even research love, sex and romance as a hobby. For fun.

And have for over a decade.

So, yeah, I take 100% responsibility for any “romantic nonsense” you see on my profile, in my images, and representing my brand.

That said, I’m also an incredibly practical person, and I can read something like “completes me,” and understand that there are things that two people can feel together that one does not feel alone (in my experience), and understand what is meant.

I even said something about this here:

A Few Thoughts On Need

Room for many different points of view, right? smiles

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