Cold Showers

Cold Showers

Brrr! I mean, I’ll admit right now, I’m a hot shower kind of girl. Like so hot that it feels like satan himself is fire flogging my entire body. I’m not a masochist, but that specific pain is delicious as my body acclimates.

That said, I have enjoyed at least on benefit of cold showers throughout my life: when I need a surge of energy in the morning, they never fail to provide.

Interestingly, cold showers also have other potential benefits, like increasing fertility (for those who care about that), improving metabolism, reducing inflammation (and aiding post-workout recovery), and more.

What they DO NOT do, apparently, is effectively reduce your horny factor, except in the very immediate short term—and even that has been said to be a myth, since it boosts energy.

It does cause shrinkage (reduces inflammation, HAH!), so it can help out those with priapism fit more comfortably into their pants.


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