What makes love “true?”

What makes love “true?”

I’m not sure I have an answer for that.

Could it be as simple as X number of years + twitterpated = true love?

I don’t think so.

Because I don’t really think there is a true or a false love. Love just is. And sometimes it’s a forever thing, and sometimes it’s not.

After all, we don’t talk about “true life.” You either live or your don’t.


You either love or you don’t.

And you might love, then not love.

Although, unlike life, you may love again.

But true?


To me that seems to have a ring of shame to it. Like THIS love is true because it lasts, while the love you felt for your second grade crush was not true because it didn’t.

I don’t buy that.

Because when you feel love, it’s love.

To me, it can’t be more simple than that.

However, when after 7 years, I still feel infatuation and deeply IN LOVE, well, that’s something, too.

And it’s worth celebrating.

So, who makes your heart skip a beat? After 10 years or after 10 minutes…

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