What If Hypocrisy…

What If Hypocrisy…

A dial showing hypocrisy climbing.

…is most often just a sign that someone is in the throes of change?

I mean, yeah, there are politicians (and others) who build an entire life on hypocrisy, and that’s worth considering.

However, I don’t think MOST people intend to speak one way and do another, but often their thought evolution fast outpaces their habitual behaviors and there is a disconnect.

And it’s a key point, if this is what’s happening.

Because if we castigate them for what they are DOING wrong, we could halt or harm that progress. While praising them (or at least responding positively to them) for thinking the right (or in our eyes better) thing could strengthen and speed up that journey of change.

Just a Monday thought.

CC BY-SA HonestReporting.com, flickr/paloetic

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