I interact with a lot of new people. They find me and write, and say, “Hey, I’m new to all this kinky stuff.”

And I write, “welcome to the wonderful world of kink. It’s full of fun and danger and astonishingly awesome people and a few bad seeds, and there is so much to do an explore, I’ll never reach the end!”

Not those exact words, but something similar.

And I’ve been doing this for over a decade.

And I STILL mean it.

This truly is the life.

At least the life for me.

What is it about kink/the kink lifestyle that immediately takes you to your happy place? Or your most relaxed/content mood? Or your deepest, most fulfilling RAWR?

The headspace where your whole being sings, “THIS IS THE LIFE!”

For me, it’s the total blending on my sexuality and kink with my everyday life. The part where I can be climbing the side of a mountain with my partner, and mention that he has a cute butt and when we get home and shower, I’m gonna peg it.

And then I do!

And because this sort of thing makes me feel truly centered and happy, I look for more ways to make it part of my life.

What about you?

What is your THIS IS THE LIFE thing in kink? How do you get more of it/enough of it? Do you?

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