Annnd BAAYbeeee…talk dirty to me!

Annnd BAAYbeeee…talk dirty to me!

I’ve been harassed. I’ve been harrangued. I’ve had my arm twisted.

And frankly, I’m OK with it.

This time.

I’ve committed to presenting at least once a month in 2021, because people kept asking me WHEN I am going to teach this, or that, or the other thing.

And frankly, it’s made me realize that since I’ve not been able to travel to meet people all over the world as I usually get to do, I miss it.


In January, my first presentation will be all about the dirty talk. I’ll discuss ideas on what to talk about, some notes on words to use (and not to use), and most importantly, how to get started, when you feel super-awk.

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Been there, done that, won the trophy.

And if I can get over it, you can, too.

So, join me Thursday, January 28th for Sexy, Kinky, Fun: It’s Dirty Talk!

It’s FREE for anyone to attend live, and we’ll record it for replays for our PLUS Members in audio and video format.


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