You Need To Have Power Before You Can Offer It To Me

You Need To Have Power Before You Can Offer It To Me

What we do in kink is often called a power exchange.

And like most exchanges, you have to actually own what you’re offering regardless of which side of the slash you are on.

In my case, when you offer me your power, you have to show me that you own and fully understand the extent of the power you have and the value of what you are sharing with me.

I want you—nay, I need you—to KNOW all of your power, and still offer it to me. The more powerful you are, the more powerful your offer is.

Make no mistake: you ARE powerful.

Even if you don’t (yet) know it.

Take ownership of the power that is you. Grow emotionally, intellectually, professionally, sexually, and in other ways for you.

Which will make you more valuable to me. It will also make you more valuable to you, to your family, to your boss, to your friends, to your lovers, to anyone, really.

Except those who might take advantage of you.

They’ll hate that shit.

When you recognize your value…

…and know you can have anyone and anything you want (although not everyone and everything), and still choose to give yourself to me (or to anyone)…

Well, that is the most beautiful thing I can imagine.

Image credit: my Pet, offering his throat to me.

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