Let’s Debate: Second Chances?

Let’s Debate: Second Chances?

It’s my view that a second chance should depend entirely on how the first chance went.

Generally, if there is a break up, it should stay broken up. There is usually good reason, no matter what we tell ourselves as we blubber into our Ben & Jerry’s.

(If it just died out or someone moved or whatever, well, that’s something entirely different.)

That said, many people tell me they believe in second chances. And third chances, and so on.

“People change,” they say.

And that’s true.

I have since my last relationship and the one before and so on. I think it’s more rare that two people change enough and in the right direction to become compatible for long-term success.

And I’m not discounting that it sometimes works. Obviously, it does. There are “second chance” stories all over the internet, shared a gadzillion times.

I get the appeal. Hell, I hate giving up on love as much as the next person.

What do you think?

Have you given a second chance after a major breakup? How did that work out for you?

Do you believe in second chances? Why or why not?

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