The Upside Of Jealousy/Romantic Entitlement

So, as often happens, I’ve had quite a few conversations over the past week about one topic: Jealousy within romantic relationships. And in those discussions, the conclusion I’ve arrived at is that jealousy is really a form of romantic entitlement. Yes, it includes envy. Yes, it includes fear. But mostly, it seems to me to […]

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Are You YOU Online?

Had a fascinating conversation online with a philosopher acquaintance about the psychology of online interaction. I showed him some of my amazing, fabulous, lovey-dovey messagess from men online. He said: It’s a unique window into human psychology. Distorting one though. Do you agree? Do you believe that our interactions online are distorted by some sort […]

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Why Compliments Make Me Laugh, Sometimes

Someone said to me that I have a pretty smile. I said, “LOL! TY!” He then asked why I laughed. Here’s my reply: I don’t see myself as beautiful. I know that others see me that way. And it startles me sometimes. Although, I’m mostly used to it. Now, usually when I say that people […]

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