Happy Birthday To Me!

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Personal | 2 comments

I’ve made it around the sun another year. YAY!

I’ve had a difficult year. Difficult two years, really. Since a hit-and-run car crash in 2017 (the Friday before my birthday party), it seems like things have been haywire for me.

Lots of epic challenges.

Also, lots of me throwing myself deeper into life.



Today, for my birthday, I’d like to make a request for those of you who read me, and those of you who find me.

Actually, it’s two requests. Both love bombs.

ONE: It’s my birthday. I’d love to hear something nice about me from you. Maybe something I wrote touched you. Or a picture I posted made you smile, or whatever. I don’t care. Just something positive.

TWO: I’d also love for you to pay it forward to at least one person. If you’re willing to love bomb a few people, please do.

Spread some love and positivity through the world of kink today. Say something sweet to another writer, a photo-sharer, a friend, a loved one. Write on a wall, send a sweet message, send a social media post, write a journal entry and name names, something.

If you’d like to tag me, I’d love to read the happiness you’ll share. If not, no worries. I believe you’re doing it—even offline.

Thank you so much.

Let’s spread some love!

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  1. Joseph Harris

    Happy Birthday Sexy Eyes(Nookie)
    I think I have gotten away with calling you that before but I know I am not the only person in love with your eyes. You have always been willing to share advice and words of encouragement with me from your heart. I think you are the first person that made me feel like it was ok to be kinky. I will confess I have been a little out of touch and no I still haven’t had my first in person Domme/Sub experience. If not for you I would have given up on the dream a long time ago. Thanks for being who you are: A completely genuine, open and honest person that is changing lives and making a difference on a daily basis. There are lots of difference makers in the world but they are not always concerned about what kind of impact they have. I hope this four letter word isn’t taken the wrong way but I love and appreciate ya Nookie Notes and hope you have the best Birthday ever. Humbly Yours Slave Joe

    • Nookie

      Thank you! I am so honored to be able to have that effect!


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