Photo Verification BETA is live!

Photo Verification BETA is live!


So excited. Photo Verification was part of our original prototype site, and people LOVED it. We’ve finally brought it back, and it’s in BETA, live on the site now for everyone.

Here you can see the “Photo Verified” badge on my profile, and it includes the date for reference.

Here you can see the photo I uploaded to be verified, along with our reminder of what a photo verification is (and isn’t):

Photo verification is done by humans. We verify that the person who owns this account looked enough like this photo for us to be reasonably sure it is them at the time of the verification (noted above). We do not warranty that anything other than that resemblance is true. For example, we cannot say whether they are any specific race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Right now, we are accepting non-explicit photos for verification. We will verify your face, like I showed with me, or your full body shot (not naked), your abs, your biceps…whatever.

Everyone, whether free member or PLUS, gets one photo verification.

Here’s how it works.

Right now, Photo Verification lives in your profile settings. Go to your profile, by clicking on your mini profile in the top left. Then click settings. Scroll down. Photo Verification is in your Account Settings:

Click on that.

(Or use the link below.)

You’ll be given a code, and asked to upload two photos:
Photo for Verification

This is the photo you want the public to see as your verified photo.
Photo with Code

This is the photo that must clearly show the code we’ve given you. This must be a PART of the photo (written on a piece of paper, on your body, etc.), not added in with software. This will not be seen by anyone except our photo moderation team. No need to check the lighting or brush your hair. Just make sure you look enough like the you in the other picture that we can verify.

Once both are uploaded, our admin team will look them over and compare them. If they are visually the same person, you’re photo verified! Simple!

PLUS Members will be able to photo verify more than once. For example, to show off a new hairstyle, or weight loss, or whatever might make your appearance change. Not sure how often yet. Maybe once a quarter?

Video Verification! PLUS Members will be able to verify themselves with a short video, and have a video added to their profile.

Chat Video Verification. PLUS Members will be able to exchange mutual video verification with PLUS or free members in chat as a one-time thing.

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