Oh HELL Yeah! According To Studies, Sex CAN Make You Happier, Overall

Oh HELL Yeah! According To Studies, Sex CAN Make You Happier, Overall

Sex Makes You Happier


And I thought it was all in my head.

LOL! No, I really didn’t. I have know since I was… well, since I started having sex that sex makes me happier, more creative, more engaging, more energetic, more loving, more tolerant, healthier, and probably a gadzillion things more that I am not bringing to mind right now.

Now, there are people studying this shit and proving it.

And that makes my sweet little science-y heart sooooo freaking happy.

Now, I can totally use science to shame my Pet into giving me more of the sex I need and want to be a better person!

KIDDING! Like, really kidding.

BUT, I can use it as a great reason to give him more of the sex he needs and wants to be a better person AND benefit from it as well. LOL!

Anyway, here are two references (an article and a book), if you’re into geekery, reading about studies, and don’t just want to take my word as gospel (what?!?):

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