What do you communicate with gossip?

What do you communicate with gossip?

In my book, Understand Me Now—And That’s An Order! I talk about how to be a safe space to encourage your partners to open up to you.

There is also being a good friend.

And for some, that means sharing all the gossip, about everyone.

For others, that is exactly the opposite of what they look for in a confidante, because they are private people, and don’t want to worry that you’re sharing their trials and tribulations with the same zeal that you’r shared others’ misfortunes with them.

So, I’m not gonna tell you not to gossip.

That’s like telling humans not to human.

I will say that it’s worth considering if that’s really what works for your relationships. If you might be breaking confidences or hurting people, or pushing away the people you hope will grow to trust you.

And maybe think about what you’re communicating when you talk about others and judge their lives.

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