You Are Once In A Lifetime!

You Are Once In A Lifetime!

“One in a million” is a compliment. Once in a lifetime really makes a point about how unique and wonderful YOU are.

After all, if you are one in a million, that would mean there are 3.9 of you in Los Angeles, 8.4 of you in New York City, and over 328 of you in the United States.

Once in a lifetime, well, that really hits home.

However, I like to look at this another way, too.

Because we often get discouraged looking for that needle in a haystack it helps to know that there are “one in a millions” out there for US, and we just have to bump into them.

Sure, there aren’t many people who are dominant, into Start Trek and ferret conjuring, but you can bet that there is the right one (or ones) out there for you, and it will just take some effort and patience.

Although it is frustrating sometimes. And it gets lonely.

But YOU are a once in a lifetime person, too, and you’re worth the effort.


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