Fear me for I am DOMME!

Fear me for I am DOMME!

I’ll be honest. I’m not very scary.

I’m kind of like that meme of the teeniest, tiniest bat looking like a fluffy black marshmallow saying “I am the darkness!! Fear meeeeee!”

Not quite the image of the uber-domme.

However, I’ll also admit that I don’t really want to be feared.

My relationships are built on respect, love, adoration. If anything I prefer the idea that one of my partners’ greatest fears would be losing me fromt heir lives, because I make their worlds better by being in them.

That said, during play, there is something akin to fear I love: apprehension.

The constant question of what I might do next is a lovely sense of power and control, and I do like that. Very much.

So, in that sense, this is true.

When we play, I do want you to be a bit unsure. A bit unsure. And aware of the power you’ve given me over your body, heart and mind.

Because that’s fucking hot.

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