What is community at a dating site?

Well, I guess I should explain. I’m Nookie, and I’m the founder. I’ve been dating as a kinkster online and off for a LONG, LONG time, and aside from just the opportunity to meet people, I’ve found that there are two other things that really matter:

  • Community
  • Education

Because making connections is better when you know what you’re about, and when you have friends to give you feedback, support you, and act as role models when you need it.

So, Dating Kinky is a dating site. And it’s more.

Our community is new. Because I’m building it intentionally with amazing people. As we grow, we’ll have more topics and opportunities to learn and grow.

Check out our events page here, to join the communities and connections we have to offer, or check out one of the special interest communities below:

Hello, My Name is Newbie. Everyone starts somewhere. We start with community and education.
My Body, My Soul, My Self, My Space, & My Mind
FemDom Friday
Kinky Book Club