It’s Not Cheating: My Poly Spans the World

It’s Not Cheating: My Poly Spans the World

In this Saturday morning installment of the It’s Not Cheating event, Kim (AKA NJ Cole), host of the Dating Kinky Book Club monthly webinar, introduced to her version of nonmonogamy and showed the attendees how her connections can survive, and thrive, over great distances.

Kim, as everyone calls her, writes under the pseudonym NJ Cole. She identifies as a switch and enjoys silly, public scenes. She is married to her Daddy (Mike8282) and enjoys being his little girl. She enjoys both bottoming to and topping her other play partners as she maintains several long term D/s relationships both online and in person. Kim is the author of over a dozen erotic novels and is the admin/creator of several online role play groups. Kim enjoys people, plain and simple. She is the Entertainment Chair for Kinky Kollege and loves organizing events and bringing people together.
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