A Bit Of Public-Not-So-Public Humiliation

Public Humiliation

I was out Thursday night with friends at a new rolled ice cream place that encourages patrons to create post-it notes for the wall, and make their mark.

I added my own, and took photos, to show Pet I was thinking of my sweet little bonbon.

Bonbon is the affectionate nickname I’ve given his “tiny” penis.

(Note, his penis isn’t really tiny—just over average—but it is a grower, not a shower, and is humorously non-threatening when soft.

My sweet treat.

So, I created my “art,” posted it, and sent him the photos for fun.

An none were the wiser (except my friends, who know).

But it’s there.

In public.

For all to see, if they only knew.

And that’s how I like to do public humiliation.

It doesn’t violate consent.

It’s fun and creative.

And it makes me smile.

Do you practice any public-not-so-public humiliation?

Do you find ways to practice your D/s or kink in ways that others won’t notice, so you can enjoy yourselves wherever you are?

Humiliation Is No Fun If It’s THE TRUTH, Yet, It Has To Be True

So, humiliation (giving) used to be a hard limit for me. It was a definite no-go. I don’t like to tear people down, I like to build people up.

Especially those I have responsibility for.

And frankly, what interest should I have in a “lowly worm, lower than the dirt beneath my feet” anyway?

And I have ZERO interest in playing a part or acting a role. Not my thing in the bedroom.

But, I’ve changed that. Because Pet likes humiliation, I’ve learned.

And what I learned (for me) is this:

Humiliation needs to be true (or it’s not humiliating), but it cannot be the TRUTH (or whole truth).

In other words, I cannot lie to humiliate.

I also cannot make fun of something that I believe is a true fault.

So, I can tease Pet about having a small cock because he’s literally the smallest man I’ve ever had sex with.

I can also humiliate him that way, because I love his cock, no matter the size, and he is the best lover I’ve ever had, regardless of the length, width, staying power, or lack thereof.

On his end, the humiliation works because he knows I’m telling the truth, but he also knows that no matter how mean I get, he’s in a place of love and 100% acceptance.

On the other hand…

I can’t make fun of him for being a weak, pathetic little boy, because he’s not. He’s amazingly physically fit, and dynamic. That sort of thing is obviously not true, and would roll off him like water off a duck’s butt… and would not be humiliating.

I also can’t make fun of something that is actually a serious issue in his life. For example, if he had serious anxiety disorder (he doesn’t), I could not add that to my humiliation list, as it would be too true, and not provide a safe, accepting place.


I’m not saying humiliation is like this for everyone. For me, though, this is how it works.

And I LIKE it!


The Desire Of Humiliation

A black and white image of Pet nuzzling my neck as I smile.

This piece was written by my Pet for me.

It seems my humiliation is becoming a theme with my Queen and I. I have this burning desire for it. I’m not able to clearly define it. It pokes at me. It claws at me. It wants to drag me in deep. It stimulates my sexually creative mind.

I want it. I want to experience it’s depth. I want to go down this dark hole. I want my Queen to take my hand and lead me into this darkness. I trust her… Then I want her to push me in! Take me to the deep end. Test me. Taunt me. Push her limits as she pushes mine.

I give you my hand my Queen. You can always pull me out and to your breast if I get to deep.