On External Influence To A Relationship…

An m/w couple is cuddling on the couch, while another woman looks on with a dangerous expression.

@TheDemonPrince commented in an earlier writing posted on FetLife:

I have found this an eye opening experience in that very few people seem to give a shit about how they can impact someone else’s relationship.

That actually makes me sad to read.

It’s hard to explain why, from my perspective, because the comment is obviously written from a completely different perspective than the one I have about relationships, but let me see if I can try.


Whosoever acts against me is held accountable for their actions. Never a third party.

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No, I Won’t Stop Talking To Your Sub

Two red hand prints, one with a white "N", the other with a white "O", spelling "No."

Hi – As one Domme to another, might I enlist your support to please refrain contact with my cuckold and husband, “SubUserNameHere.” He is collared, tattooed and owned by me – and he has been very dishonest and naughty.

I’ve gotten messages like this before, so many times. So, I’m going to answer publicly, to set the record straight:

As one dom to another, no, I won’t refrain from contact if your sub reaches out.

There are several reasons for this:

1. I answer EVERYONE that sends me a message. This is my personal code.

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Do It Anyway…

A Post-It™ note that has "Just Do It!" handwritten on it.

What do I do when I want to speak up, but I’m afraid of rejection?

I’d love to go to that kinky event, but I have no one to go with me.

I’ve put myself out there, and I’ve been insulted over and over. I’m afraid of doing it again.

I’ve gotten comments like this, messages, had these conversations…

My reply is always:

Do it, anyway.

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Fear & Loathing In Kink-Vegas

A still from the movie, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a piece about being kind to idiots here online. @Justin_Kase commented on part of it, asking the question:

I would love love to hear your thoughts on WHY are we so DAMN afraid – kink / vanilla / perineal and professional lives so many people are afraid to be real – be themselves. For a long time I thought the Community (big C) experienced less of this – was more accepting and while this is largely still the case in my experience it is still not the norm.

So why are we so afraid, nervous, defensive – all those ingredients that make us IDIOTS

I asserted (the TL:DR version) that SOMETIMES, people are idiots in specific areas of knowledge because they don’t know, and are often afraid to know and learn.

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How (And Why) To Get Rejected More Often

A cartoon beaver saying "NO!!" over and over.

Tell DreamBoopsie217 how you feel. Today. Clearly. No room for misunderstanding. From the heart.

I know it can be a terrifying prospect.

  • What if they look disgusted?
  • What if you lose your friendship?
  • What if they tell everyone?
  • What if you can’t handle it?

Do it anyway.

You CAN handle it, and you need to. Because this is only one in a long line of potential rejections coming up into your future with DreamBoopsie217, ESPECIALLY if they say they like you, too.

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Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Totally Fucking Up

Anything Worth Doing

Oh, sure… I’m sure you expected that old saw, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”


Of course it is.

One of my mottos is:

Win, or fail spectacularly.

I’ve found, though, that few people really consider what it means to fail spectacularly.

So, I’m here to tell you. Because I’m not an expert in lots, but I’m an expert in failing spectacularly.

  • I dropped out of HS in my sophomore year.
  • I married a man who would emotionally abuse me AND become a manipulative addict, stealing much of what I’d saved right out of our shared accounts, even selling my stuff for more money.
  • I started a new business with two partners, committed everything and LOST IT ALL, everything, ended up living out of my car.
  • I am currently failing at meeting every deadline I set for myself in the development of my new project.

And I’m happy.

Because what I’m working on now is worth totally fucking up on, over and over, because when it’s right, it will be freaking fantastic. Amazing. Magical.

But before then, I’m going to lose money (mine and others’), stress out, get more grey hairs, scream out of sheer frustration, feel hopeless and useless, shame myself for not knowing everything I think I should know, make boneheaded fucking moves, gain weight because I’m not taking care of myself, hurt my neck staring at a computer for too long…

But let’s not even talk about me.

Let’s talk about kink.

Last night, in Fayetteville, I gave a BDSM Basics talk. And I talked about The Four Kinds Of Kinksters, and I mentioned the third kind of kinkster:

People who admit they don’t know all the kinky things, and let that paralyze them…

And I met a guy like this a few weeks ago.


Sexy AF.

VERY interested in kink.

Wanted to learn to be dominant.

SOOOOO enthusiastic. Always up in my messages.

Until he stumbled once. Then, it was all:

“Oh, maybe I’m not cut out for this. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not meant to be a dominant. I don’t know this stuff.”

And so now, he’s paralyzed. Not because he doesn’t want it. He does.

Because he doesn’t want to totally fuck up.

And I told him the secret, that EVERY SINGLE DOMINANT EVER Has totally fucked up. More than once. Probably more than a thousand times.

(In fact, I could make that about every single human, but this is about kink.)

The difference is that we know that being willing to fuck it all up is part of our commitment. Part of knowing it’s worth doing is knowing we’re going to look like idiots, and feel like fools, and do twatwaffle things along the way to getting better and earning trust and getting blowjobs on command.

The thing is, of course it’s worth doing well. We’d do a hell of a lot more things if we knew we’d do them well.

But what things are worth it to you to fail over and over and over again? To totally fuck up?

I Love You (When You’re Perfect) -OR- How Fetishization Of The Positive Ruins Our Relationships

Fingers holding a scrap of paper with the handwritten words, "To Me You're Perfect."

It’s an easy trap to fall into, to focus on the good in everyone.

It seems like the right thing to do.

See the good bits, focus on the happy times, let the negative stuff or “bad emotions” slide on by.

I see a lot of this in my friends, and I’ve seen it in myself as well.

It’s a societal thing:

Fetishization of the positive.

By focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative (except when it rears it’s ugly head and barfs in our Cheerios, demanding to be noticed, making us yell and fight and scream, until we can shove it back into it’s dark little cage in the corner and lock it back up, to be ignored…until the next blowup), we are teaching the people around us that they are not loved for who they are.

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Do You GET Sex? Or Have Sex?

Sex Jackpot

What makes a dominant decidedly un-dominant?


It’s not just dominants that often stink of it. It’s any one, of any role, any sexual orientation, or any gender who thinks that sex or a relationship is something they get for doing or saying just the right things, in the right sequence.

It’s not.

It’s not about doing.

It’s about being.