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Yes, I’m starting out with a gender stereotype, because it’s one I’ve heard over and over and over again.

And it’s not true. At least not for everyone, or maybe even a majority.

In the past week, the topic of men who need so much more than sex has hit me over the head. My Pet is stressed—life has kicked him in the balls. Some friends are fighting for their relationship. A man has come to me seeking advice on connecting. And more.

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Someone said in a conversation I’m in:

Those sort of atitudes, still alive in the 21st century, create a wall of misunderstanding and distrust that every man has to negotiate… <snipped>

And every woman.

Ever been in an argument, and had your partner tell you “I didn’t do X because you would do Y, and I didn’t want that,” and you were standing there wondering who the hell they think you are, because that was NOT your reaction?

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