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I’ve been pretty clear about my position on relationship or D/s protocol, and while I go out of my way to be considerate of others’ preferences, I don’t believe I am entitled (or you are) to ANYONE following personal protocol (or any other kinds of preferences).

For me, it’s simple.

Never put responsibility for your relationship protocols on others.

That is up to those of you in the relationship to maintain.

For example, if you have a relationship policy that you BOTH approve a playmate for your partner, and someone asks your partner to play, it is up to your partner to tell the asker that they will need to also contact you if they want to play with your partner.

Not up to them to know this.

And it’s not a requirement for them to then contact you. They get to make the choice whether they follow-through or not, and whether they want to participate in your relationship protocols.

Even if they want to play.Even if they want to play.

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What is protocol and why do you need it? Not all protocol is bowing and kneeling and “yes, Sir,” and so on. Protocol can be every day traditions and rituals built over time. In this class, we’ll explore the many types of protocol, and how to choose the protocols you want most in your life and your relationships.

Hi – As one Domme to another, might I enlist your support to please refrain contact with my cuckold and husband, “SubUserNameHere.” He is collared, tattooed and owned by me – and he has been very dishonest and naughty.

I’ve gotten messages like this before, so many times. So, I’m going to answer publicly, to set the record straight:

As one dom to another, no, I won’t refrain from contact if your sub reaches out.

There are several reasons for this:

1. I answer EVERYONE that sends me a message. This is my personal code.

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