Protecting Your Kink Identity, 3-Part Series

Protecting Your Kink Identity, Part 1
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Part 1 — May 21, 8PM ET, completed.
Part 2 — June 4, 8PM ET
Part 3 — June 18, 8PM ET

Are you new to the kink scene and thinking about how to draw the line between your kink and vanilla life? Are you an experienced kinkster concerned about how your kink or sexual life could affect your work, future career or family? Are you wondering who and what to trust with your wallet name or your credit card? We have you covered in this three-part workshop!

Our first session will cover the idea of a kink identity, what it means, how to protect it, what to do if your privacy is violated. In the second talk, we’ll cover ways to evaluate risks both online and offline, and how to formulate a plan that you can stick with to improve and protect your privacy. In our last session, we’ll cover how to be a good event organizer and ally, including technology and policies that help protect your attendees and community.

We’ll be using the same techniques used in computer and network security as well as techniques used to protect political dissidents and activists and apply them to the kink/fetish/sex-positive/poly and leather communities. Whatever your experience is, you’re sure to learn something new!

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