Why Compliments Make Me Laugh, Sometimes

Why Compliments Make Me Laugh, Sometimes

Someone said to me that I have a pretty smile.

I said, “LOL! TY!”

He then asked why I laughed.

Here’s my reply:

I don’t see myself as beautiful.

I know that others see me that way.

And it startles me sometimes.

Although, I’m mostly used to it.

Now, usually when I say that people try to convince me. And I appreciate that. There are a few times when I have glimpsed what I think other people see when they call me beautiful, and I’m in awe that they have helped me see that person through their eyes.

But don’t get me wrong.

Just because I don’t see myself as beautiful does not me I see myself in a negative light.

I don’t.

I figure I’m average looking, perhaps a bit better. And I’m OK with that. I like the way I look, and I like how my personality has grown without focusing on beauty or lack thereof as an asset to fret about.

Honestly, I think I’d probably be a horrible person if I were as gorgeous as some of the women I know. I would wrap men around my finger, and take advantage… Or I would have, when I was young. I always wanted that ability.


And I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some, I’m a 4 or 5, perhaps. For others a 9 or 10. That’s cool. I do love that the people who love me find me beautiful. That’s powerful for me. And meaningful.

So, now you know.

I sometimes laugh when people compliment me because I don’t see myself the way others do, and I remember that randomly.

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