Mixed Signals in Dating

Mixed Signals in Dating

Not because it is a “No.” I mean, it might be (quite likely), but I’m not going to pretend to read someone else’s mind.

Because when people are throwing mixed signals, it’s a sign of something. Perhaps:

•They don’t know what they want.

•They are trying to manipulate you.

•They are crappy communicators.

And, in a case like that, it might be worth asking a question that would have a direct answer, see if they can give it to you, and then move forward accordingly.

Not for them.

For you.

You deserve to know what’s going on. Where you stand. You deserve good communication.

And when you don’t get these things, it’s self-preservation to opt-out (at least for the time being) and find other people to give your time and attention to.

Those who return the favor.

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