Deleted Account

Deleted Account

Turns out he was upset at how we handle explicit photos on Dating Kinky:

1. When you upload an explicit photo, it’s marked as explicit, and others only see it IF THEY WANT TO (it’s called consent!).

2. Explicit photos cannot be avatars (because of number 1).

This man felt like “If your [sic] on a fetish site, you have consented to seeing whatever is posted there.”

I asked him if he wanted people to see his junk. He said yes, if he posted it.

I asked, “What if they don’t want to see your junk?” He responded that they were on a kinky site, so they would have to see things they didn’t want to see. I asked if he wanted to see other people’s junk.

He said no, but that’s the price HE pays for being on a hookup site.

I thanked him for his time and told him that we will not miss him.

Later, I noticed a report from this person from a couple of weeks before, that a submissive man had pretended to be a woman to get him to play online (we banned that person, of course).

I wanted to respond and say, “You’re on a kinky dating site, you consent to whatever you get, right?


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