I Call Bullshit.

I Call Bullshit.

Thanks to a group I’m in, I got a treat this morning to a piece of outright male-wank-fodder drivel in the form of a writing on a profile.

Here is one of my favorite quotes (I may share others):

As a woman, it is impossible to let a man fuck you and cum inside you without completely losing your dominance.

I call bullshit.

I can’t imagine calling myself a dominant woman (or person) if the simple act of sex, however I do it for pleasure, could throw me off my game.

I’m pretty sure most of my friends would back me up on this.

Hey ya’ll. I’m well and truly fucked regularly (thank you, hallelujah!). Did you know that? Well, now ya do. Did I suddenly lose all my cool “twue dominance” points in your eyes?

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