It’s ALWAYS nice to hear it

It’s ALWAYS nice to hear it

In a good relationship, you feel loved, secure, significant…and so many other things.

In a GREAT relationship, you’ll have all that AND you will get the bonus content: being told and reminded regularly, because your partner wants to be sure that you never lose sight of the awesomeness of the two of you.

“I’m telling you this for one reason and one reason only: No matter how sure you are of someone’s love, it’s always nice to hear it.” — Mike Gayle

Now, you may be told in Words of Affirmation, “I love and appreciate you.”

Or, your love language may be different. They may hold your hand and kiss it a particular way because you respond best to Touch. Or they might pick up your dry cleaning or go out in the rain for your favorite dessert, because your love language is Acts of Service. Maybe they buy or make you things, because your love language is Gifts. Or, perhaps they carve out time to be with just YOU because your love language is Quality Time.

The key, though, it that on top of everything they do to make the relationship work, like sharing the chores, or giving the good sexy times, taking out the trash…they also make sure you KNOW how they feel.

And, I’m hoping that you do the same in return.

And if either of you don’t…perhaps your relationships bears examination.

Because really, it takes almost no effort to show someone that you care every day.

And if you do love them, isn’t that worth making a priority?

Because no matter how long-term, or how routine, or how…well, anything…it’s always nice to hear it.

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